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Realizing DPP’s Mission in Mississippi: Jim Thorn & Phil Trotter Interview

Realizing DPP
December 7, 2022
Phil Trotter interviewed on 103.9 WYAB with Jim Thorn

Are you looking to positively impact your community with your career?

In Mississippi alone, 814,000 are living with prediabetes — elevated glucose levels that are not high enough to be defined as diabetes — and an estimated 20,000 people are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every year. 

Though these numbers may seem harrowing, there is good news!

Many of these cases are preventable. With proper lifestyle changes like increased exercise and a healthy diet, individuals diagnosed with prediabetes can reverse their diagnosis and lead a life without worrying about developing Type 2 diabetes.

Phil Trotter, the Prevention Chair of the Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi and the Founder and CEO here at Realizing DPP, recently joined Jim Thorn on 103.9 WYAB to discuss how RDPP is working to prevent Type 2 diabetes and how listeners could get involved with curbing the diabetes epidemic in Mississippi. 

We’re about to unpack the details of their call and give you a look a how you join the team of lifestyle coaches who are making a difference in the state. So, if you want to make a difference in your community and help others build a better life, stick around — this article is for you.

What Is the Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi?

Before we jump into the specifics of becoming a lifestyle coach and how they help people prevent diabetes, let’s take a second to talk about Phil Trotter and the Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi.

The Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi is a group of individuals dedicated to the prevention and reversal of Type 2 and prediabetes throughout the state. This non-profit looks for ways to better treat diabetes and help others overcome the disease through treatment and prevention methods.

“The Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi is a membership of those interested in not only diabetes prevention, but diabetes management. In fact, there’s a lot of folks that come from the medical, clinical care side, but we’re building a much greater membership of those that are interested in the prevention side.” – Phil Trotter

As the Prevention Chair, Phil leads this group to find better ways to prevent Type 2 diabetes. One way he makes diabetes prevention accessible throughout the state is the establishment of Realizing DPP. This organization trains lifestyle coaches around Mississippi on how to prevent diabetes through lifestyle changes and develop a rewarding career that lifts up others in the community.

With the support of the coalition and lifestyle coaches at RDPP, Phil holds fast to the idea that we can help people with prediabetes build a better life through healthier choices. 

The Cost of Treating Chronic Diseases and Diabetes

Healthcare is a pressing issue in the United States, and it’s a topic that comes up regularly on TV news outlets, online articles, and radio shows. Though there are many opinions on how healthcare should be handled, one thing is for certain — it’s expensive.

“In this country, we spend over $5 trillion a year on healthcare.” – Phil Trotter

Let that sink in for a second — healthcare costs the United States roughly 5 trillion dollars per year. In fact, we spend almost double the average amount per person on medical expenses in other established countries, and much of that cost comes from treating chronic diseases like diabetes.

“80% of all healthcare costs are related to chronic disease, and diabetes is in the top three not only in terms of dollars but also in terms of population here in Mississippi.” – Phil Trotter

When you narrow the scope from the U.S. to Mississippi alone, $2.4 billion is spent directly on diabetes treatment. Additionally, $995 million is lost due to decreased productivity in the workforce as a direct result of diabetes.

But that’s not where the story ends.

Yes, the cost of Type 2 diabetes in Mississippi and around the nation is high, but that doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. Phil believes that with the work of dedicated lifestyle coaches, we can dramatically reduce the impact of Type 2 diabetes on the healthcare system.

How Can Lifestyle Coaching Reverse the Impact of Type 2 Diabetes in Mississippi?

One of the most significant factors contributing to the current state of Type 2 and prediabetes in Mississippi is lifestyle. Things like poor diet choices and low activity levels add up over time — eventually leading to the development of these diseases.

Since poor habits cause many to develop diabetes, the good news is that good habits can reduce the symptoms of Type 2 and even reverse a prediabetes diagnosis. Reforming habits and building a better lifestyle is a low-cost answer to preventing and reversing the effects of Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

“Once we’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, we need that clear clinical care. But before we get to that point, it’s really our lifestyles that need help help. The best way to do that is to provide individuals within our state, really in every ZIP Code in our state, with help to support our citizens in terms of lifestyle changes.” – Phil Trotter

This step of choosing to lead a better life is where lifestyle coaching comes into play. By actively training lifestyle coaches and developing diabetes prevention programs in Mississippi, Realizing DPP can assist those diagnosed with prediabetes unlock their potential.

Who Qualifies for Lifestyle Coaching in Mississippi?

The diabetes prevention program in Mississippi is currently available to all Part B Medicare recipients, but there are plans to add more healthcare payers as the program becomes more sustainable. 

“Eventually it will be [available for everyone], but the most important part is to make it sustainable. We work with healthcare payers in order to include the diabetes prevention program as a benefit that their population can get for free. And we’re starting with Medicare.” – Phil Trotter

As the program grows, it’s highly likely that more healthcare providers will join in and provide their beneficiaries with diabetes prevention options. Much of that reason stems from the value that comes from joining these programs.

“The value is that you’re getting a lifestyle coach for a full year to help you look better, feel better, and live longer — it’s really a tremendous program. Typically you’d say, ‘Well, if I needed a coach, I’d have to go down the street and pay for a membership at a health club or join an expensive spa. This is all provided at no cost to Medicare beneficiaries.” – Phil Trotter

This lifestyle change program aims to give participants the resources they need to take control of their prediabetes diagnosis and improve their lives for the better through actionable steps.

If you or a loved one is a Type B beneficiary with a prediabetes diagnosis, take advantage of this incredible resource today!

How Can You Become a Lifestyle Coach in Mississippi?

Mississippi is the first state in the nation to recruit lifestyle coaches and train them to deliver a CDC-approved diabetes prevention curriculum through Realizing DPP. 

Becoming a lifestyle coach through Realizing DPP means you will receive free training in diabetes prevention, an opportunity to join the coaching workforce network, and the chance to work within your current area. Taking the first step in this program is as simple as signing up to become a member of the RDPP Community.

“[Potential coaches] can join the community at no cost and see what it’s like to be an experienced lifestyle coach.” – Phil Trotter

Once you sign up to become a Realizing DPP community member, you gain access to all things lifestyle coaching — from helpful posts made by other community members to invaluable training resources. The training you receive through Realizing DPP will certify you as a lifestyle coach and open opportunities to start coaching. 

“[Community members] can choose to train whenever they want at no cost to them. Once they’re trained, they can chose to join the lifestyle coach workforce in the state. Then they’ll be given an assignment within their own ZIP Code to start reaching out to individuals that have prediabetes and have them join a group session that lasts for a full year.” – Phil Trotter

Becoming a lifestyle coach through Realizing DPP will help you empower others to take control of their lives and build a brighter future. Additionally, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and support through the community and workforce program!

Become a Lifestyle Coach with Realizing DPP Today!

If you’re looking to make a difference in the lives of others through an uplifting career, look no further than lifestyle coaching. As a coach, you’ll help lifestyle change program members unlock their potential and build a better life for themselves.

You can change lives & make a living through lifestyle coaching — take that first step by joining the Realizing DPP Community. As a member, you will find a plethora of resources provided by a network of current and past lifestyle coaches, including training opportunities, answers to questions you can’t find anywhere else, and meaningful discussions with other lifestyle coaches.

And once you’ve finished your training, become part of the Realizing DPP Workforce to jumpstart your coaching career. As part of the workforce, you will gain access to individuals in your ZIP Code who need coaching and have opportunities to build your coaching cohort!

Get started with your coaching career and change lives in Mississippi with Realizing DPP today!