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Become a Successful Lifestyle Coach

We are a community of active and inactive lifestyle coaches, and those who aspire to become a Lifestyle Coach.

As a community, we are collectively on a journey to accelerate your preparation to be a successful Lifestyle Coach, to enjoy shared resources increasing our mutual capabilities, and to be individually placed with paid assignments in your home or work zip codes.

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This is the space for you and others like you who aspire to be a Lifestyle Coach helping Mississippians to feel good, look better, live longer, and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Joining the community is simple just set up your profile, introduce yourself, and download the Realizing DPP Community app!


Learn from Peers and Train for Skills

Community members support each other and collectively help guide the use of best practices for a successful Lifestyle Coach career and business.

Required training and certifications are available in the community along with National DPP training and Advanced Training courses provided by the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES).

Find training options and dates in the community.


Prepare for Your Lifestyle Coach Assignments

The Realizing DPP Community is a pathway for a Lifestyle Coach to qualify and be paid as an independent contractor in the Realizing DPP Workforce.

Once registered on the WorkMarket assignment and payment platform, your first paid assignment will be to help establish your cohort of participants using the Participant Acquisition Program (PAP).

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You Are Your Business

The paid assignments available to a Lifestyle Coach will expand over time.  It is up to you on the hours and assignments you accept.


The Community is Always Your Home Base

Need help with any aspect of being a Lifestyle Coach at any time, come back to the Realizing DPP Community, this is your ultimate and consistent Lifestyle Coach resource. Any challenges you encounter that need answers can be found within the knowledge base of the community members, mentors, and guidance counselors.


Insights, Advice and Coaching Resources

Explore our recent articles to discover expert tips on lifestyle coaching, diabetes prevention, positive messaging, and how you can develop your coaching business.

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